Moldovan President Dodon Relieved of His Duties, Interim President Calls for Snap Election
9 June, 2019
Former Prime Minister and current interim Moldovan leader Pavel Filip.
Moldova find itself in the center of a political crisis after the Constitutional Court sacked the country's pro-Russian president Igor Dodon and the new, interim leader Pavel Filip dissolved the parliament calling for snap elections.

The Constitutional Court of the country relieved president Dodon of his duties on June 9 for "failing to dissolve the country's parliament."

In a tweet, Dodon called this a “desperate step to take advantage of the Constitutional Court to further usurp power”. There are reports that state institutions in Chisinau are blocked.

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Now, the new interim president -- who was appointed by the court and previously served as acting Prime Minister -- Pavel Filip of the Democratic Party of Moldova is calling for a snap parliamentary election. He has challenged the legitimacy of the government formed on June 8 by the parliamentary coalition of pro-Russian Socialist Party and the pro-E.U. bloc.

According to Filip, snap elections should be held on September 6, 2019.

Earlier, according to the reports by NewsMaker, Andrei Nastase, a deputy from the pro-E.U. ACUM faction in the parliament, read out a declaration, annulling the country’s mixed electoral system and declaring no confidence in Moldova’s Constitutional Court. The declaration also states a request to dismiss the head of Information and Security Service and the head of National Center for Combating Corruption.

The parliament also stated that the country has been “seized by oligarchs”.

Nastase also suggested to fill a claim with the European Court of Human Rights, due to the fact that Moldova’s Constitutional Court allegedly makes decisions that go against the law.

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This followed a temporary coalition agreement, signed by pro-Russian Socialist Party of Moldova (PRSM) and members of the pro-European bloc ACUM on June 8. The MPs then elected the leadership of the parliament and approved the government. The parliament appointed Maia Sandu as Moldova’s Prime Minister.

On Twitter, Daniel Holten, a spokesperson for the Council of Europe, called on Moldova “to act responsibly now”. He added that political problems should be solved “by democratically elected representatives in the parliament”.

According to RFE/RL, dozens of people took to the streets of Moldova’s capital Chisinau to show their support for the ruling of Constitutional Court and against Igor Dodon on June 8 in a protest, organized by the Democratic Party of Moldova, led by oligarch and politician Vladimir Plahotniuc.