“Zelenskyy Plan Must Be Put on Paper” – Ukraine FM Prystaiko
26 September, 2019

Ukrainian Foreign Minister agrees that it is not right to have the so-called “Zelenskyy Plan” solely in the minds of the leadership and that it should be put on paper to facilitate people's understanding of it.

Vadym Prystaiko said this in our interview, which covered a number of hot topics that Ukrainians want to hear answers to.

The minister went on to say that it would have been ideal to have him and Volodymyr Zelenskyy in their positions five years ago when Prystaiko already had ideas with regard to the resolution of the Donbas conflict. Whilst some of the ideas coming from the former deputy foreign minister were accepted, he refers to the Minsk agreements as “calamitous”.

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Speaking of the Zelenskyy Plan, he says it has “the attempt to somehow come to terms with the part of our people that will remain on the other side” as its foundation. He calls all the steps taken so far, including the exchange, disengagement of troops, lifting of restrictions on the movement of goods, and repair of the bridge in Stanytsia Luhanska all part of the informative work to engage the people living in the occupied territories.

We are waiting for them to return home.   

According to Prystaiko, President Zelenskyy’s aim is to explain to Donbas residents where Ukraine is heading and what his plans are. This way people who want to build a united Ukraine together are welcomed to join his efforts.

At the same time, Ukraine’s leadership recognizes that these actions are “opposed by those people who have weapons … by Russian soldiers”. The minister is fully aware it is not enough to just regurgitate the facts, which is why other plans and means are being used, such as negotiations and summit meetings. 

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On a more global scale, the head of state plans to focus on growing the economy and strengthening the country’s defense capabilities which are also part of his Plan, Prystaiko concludes.

The full interview with the new foreign minister of Ukraine can be found here