Zelensky: Victory will take blood and battle, but end in diplomacy
21 May, 2022

In an interview shown during the national telethon, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukraine's victory in the war against Russia will be difficult and bloody, but its final conclusion will be diplomatic.

According to the Ukrainian leader, at first he believed that the war could end in a pure dialogue, but now his opinion has changed.

"I thought that it would be possible to find answers to many questions and find many solutions in dialogue with the Russian side," the president said.

He now emphasizes that the war is very complex and hybrid.

"And the victory will be very difficult and bloody — it will definitely be in battle, but the end will be in diplomacy. There are some things that we will not be able to resolve away from the negotiating table. Because we want to return everything, and the Russian Federation wants not to give everything, in other words — not to give anything," Zelensky said.

The head of state will consider the return of Russian troops to the February 23 position a victory. According to him, this will be the first stage to end the war.

"All our military also want to live. It's just that they have such a job. It would be very important for me to understand the value of each step: forward and backward. Therefore, to reach this line of demarcation, the temporary line, will be a victory," Zelensky explained.

After that, the second part of the end of the war is possible.

"I would like to discuss the second part at the negotiating table. And that the result of this conversation was justice for us," said Zelensky. According to him, justice is the return of all Ukrainian territories.

Suspension of negotiations

Ukraine has been negotiating with Russian officials since the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion. In particular, at the talks in Istanbul on March 29, the Ukrainian delegation conveyed to Russia its vision of an international document that would fix security guarantees for Ukraine in exchange for non-aligned status. The key requirement is that Ukraine's security guarantees should be similar to NATO's Article 5.

On May 17, it became known that Ukraine and Russia had suspended talks on ending the war. Moscow claims that Ukrainians withdrew from the talks, while Kyiv assures that the Russians do not quite properly perceive the developments and want to use the talks as an element of their propaganda for domestic policy.

Moreover, Zelensky has repeatedly stated his readiness to negotiate with Putin since the beginning of the invasion. However, the Kremlin has not taken up the proposal. In the latest interview, Zelensky did not rule out a meeting with the Russian president either. Topics for discussion will depend on the situation at the front.