World fed up with Kremlin propaganda, even at inflated price
12 May, 2022

Russia is openly complaining that they are losing their audience because no one in the world wants to spread their lies even at a high price, Ukraine's Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security informs.

Bloomberg writes that according to OpenSecrets researchers, over the past eight years, Russians have paid American lobbyists a total of $186 million.

But with the start of the all-out war in Ukraine, Kommersant reports, leading Western media have cut ties between large firms and individual lobbyists and Russians, despite their "generously paid" efforts.

The same applies to brainwashing in Russia. On May 11, the world's largest media investment group, GroupM, released its study.

According to it, as of the end of April, 23% of Russians still believed in the TV version of the "special operation in Ukraine". In mid-March, the figure stood at about 33%.

Kremlin propaganda

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is changing its propaganda due to military failures on the front in Ukraine. Intel says that now the Russian media has been ordered to present the war as Russia's confrontation with all EU and NATO countries.

According to intelligence officers, the propaganda is being adjusted to change the Russians' perception of the "invincibility" of their army and to prepare society for a possible defeat.

The media is told to cover the Russo-Ukrainian war as an armed confrontation between Russia and all EU and NATO countries — such a shift in approach is supposed to reduce the shame of losing to a more powerful enemy.