World Bank Provides $135 Million to Strengthen Ukraine’s Health System
28 April, 2020

The World Bank has decided to allocate Ukraine $135 million for improving its health system, as part of a global program of strengthening health systems and fighting against COVID-19, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance. $35 million total $135 million has been allocated directly to help Ukrainians fight the coronavirus.

The funds, disbursed on behalf of the Serving People, Improving Health, has been functioning in Ukraine since 2015. The Ministry of Finance reports that $100 million from the program will be spent on reinforcing Ukraine’s regional emergency medical centers.

“This additional financing will help Ukraine in updating around 40 emergency medical centers and stroke units, which will assist in the ability of hospitals to conduct complicated medical procedures with the use of high-tech equipment and corresponding treatment protocols,” said Alex Kremer, the acting director of the World Bank in Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova.

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The Ukrainian government is currently in talks with the World Bank to receive an addition $500 million credit line, which would be used to bolster the Ukrainian economy.

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