Who Is Who? Armenia On The Eve of Election
30 March, 2017
Photo by JAMnews

Parliamentary election in Armenia is scheduled for April 2. This will be the first election after the constitutional changes in the country, as a result of which Armenia is going to switch to the parliamentary model of government.

From now on, the Parliament (National Assembly) will elect country’s President for the period of 7 years, whereas the President will appoint the Prime Minister, nominated by the election winner party or bloc.

The future Parliament will be elected through the proportional system. The National Assembly will comprise at least 101 MPs. There will be a guaranteed stable majority-a political party that will gain 54 % (and more) of votes.

If not, there will the second round of election. The political forces, that have overcome the first round, will unite in blocs and stand in the second round. The election threshold for a party makes 5%, whereas for a bloc – 7%. 4 MP mandates will be allotted to national minorities (Yazidis, Russians, Assyrians, Kurds).  

The election campaign was launched in Armenia on March 5.

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