What Сonstruction For the Eurovision Stage Looks Like Now
13 April, 2017

What you need to know:

✅ Ukraine gained the chance to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 after winning the competition last year with the politically-charged song ‘1944’ by Jamala;

✅ The Grand Final will take place in Kyiv on 13th May. 43 countries will be taking part;

✅ Approximately 30,000 tickets have been sold so far;

✅ The slogan for this year’s event is ‘Celebrate Diversity’;

The stage is being set for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. In just one month, participants and fans from all over Europe (and Australia) will be descending on the Ukrainian capital for this renowned musical event. Hromadske went to visit the venue for Eurovision 2017, the International Exhibition Centre in the Livoberezhna microdistrict of Kyiv, to see how the plans for event are taking shape.

The construction of the stage, the focal point of the event, is already well underway. ‘The performance area is 350 square meters, 14 meters high and is a 30-tonne metal construction’, Hromadske found out. Seating for the Conest is being brought to Kyiv from the Lviv Arena- one of the football stadiums built especially for the UEFA Euro 2012 championship co-hosted by Ukraine.

Dmytro Feliksov, the CEO of the official ticket-seller,, also gave an update on the current ticket sales: ‘Almost 30 000 tickets have been sold, 19 000 tickets have booked for the participants, partners and sponsors, and almost 21 000 tickets are still available’.

Hromadske International spoke to the head of events for ESC 2017 on the Sunday Show on 5th March. Watch the interview here.