Western Ukrainian City of Rivne Bans LGBTQ Marches
24 December, 2019

The Rivne city council has banned the holding of LGBTQ marches in the cities – and other events – that they claim spread “propaganda of deviant sexual behavior.” The measure, introduced by a local councilmember from the right wing ‘Svoboda’ party, Oleh Karpyak, was supported by 36 votes in the city council, according to Ukrainian magazine “Commons.”

Authors of the measure allege that their actions are in line with Ukrainian law – specifically, Ukraine family law, citing the the third article of the Family Codex: “The basis for establishing families cannot contradict the moral principles of society.”

The authors state that they are “Banning the propaganda of different forms of deviant sexual behavior in the territory of the city of Rivne, such as the so-called equality marches”, “prides”, “queer culture festivals”, and so on, which occur in places of public leisure for families and children.”

The city council’s decision also bans public campaigns and other events that, in the author's words, “present a threat to the institution of the family, which serves as a strategic component of Ukraine’s national defense.”

Enforcement of the ban will be given to the city commission on questions of defending public morality.

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