Weekly Wrap-Up: Valentine’s Day Presidential Heartbreak
14 February, 2020

It’s a new year and a new show from Hromadske! And we’re diving right into the biggest political story making waves in Kyiv – Andriy Bohdan, President Zelenskyy’s long-time political confidante and the man who’s stood by him through the presidential campaign and most of the first year of Zelenskyy’s presidency, serving as his chief-of-staff, is finally on the outs. And replacing him is Andriy Yermak, a former producer from Zelenskyy’s comedy days and presidential advisor.

What this means for Ukraine’s president, and its future course of policy – our host, Kari Odermann, will attempt to find out, with our guests: Oleksiy Sorokin, a journalist from the Kyiv Post, and Sviatoslav Yurash, the youngest MP ever in Ukraine’s history, and a member of the ruling Servant of the People Party. 

Tune in on Youtube and Facebook, at 5 pm Kyiv time as the Weekly Wrap-Up wraps up the week in Eastern Europe!