"We Ask for Full Clarity and Responsibility" – Mother of MH17 Victim
11 March, 2020

Silene Fredriksz lost her 23-year-old son Bryce and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Daisy, in the crash of the MH17 Boeing.

For 6 years, Silene never dared to change anything in her son's room. The bed is still unmade, things are scattered, a magazine dated June 2014 is on the couch, and a bottle of water on the table. And the grief did not go anywhere.

She shared her thoughts ahead of the court hearings in the MH17 case that were about to start in the Netherland. She does not believe that Russia is going to admit its involvement in the crash. But the main thing for Silene is to find out the truth about that day.

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