Hromadske's Vox-Pop: When Will The Maidan Revolution Be Considered Over?
22 February, 2017

Three years after the revolution Ukrainians face ongoing war in its eastern part, have Crimea occupied by Russia, still fight with corrupt officials and suffer from harsh economical realities. No doubts, some changes happened: the creation of the new police, forming anticorruption structures, e-declarations system start, shaping of civil society and eventual recognition of geopolitical development thrust.

When will The Maidan revolution be considered over? After three years of the Revolution of Dignity, which took lives of more that 100 people, Hromadske has asked people whether they think if Revolution succeeded and what is still needed to be done.

"Today our society faces a lot of challenges, including economy, defense, social evolution, and protection of labor.  Can we say “has Maidan over? well it isn’t. There is still a long way to go, it has been said in some countries, it could take 2 to 300 years. You cannot say, we can do everything in one night or even in three years. No. A new generation is emerging, and we hope that they will be able to change both opinions and behavior. "

"The Revolution could end if the political elite is replaced. A total change. All we have now is a kind of substitution. The same faces appear on the political arena, when it comes to an historical factor. We can consider the Maidan revolution to be over when at least 70% of Ukrainians have better values and when they become more pro-Ukrainian, pro-European, and when they will think in terms of truth, honesty, dignity, faith and unity – everything we lack. "

"The Revolution will never end. Because the time has come. Revolution doesn’t only mean shooting, fighting and war. I think that revolution means reform, something that nobody implements here, but it’s something that we need. You see, if we do not pull the nation together and start fighting, there will be no nation. "


Kyiv, Ukraine. 20/02/2017