US to send 4 more HIMARS rocket systems to Ukraine
20 July, 2022

The United States will transfer four additional HIMARS light rocket launchers to Ukraine, announced US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin during the fourth meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (better known as the Ramstein group).

Washington has already dispatched 12 HIMARS systems and other multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine to strengthen the long-range capabilities of the Ukrainian army. According to Austin, in total, the United States provided Ukraine with $2.6 billion in security assistance.

Earlier, John Kirby, US National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, announced that soon the United States will announce another package of aid to Ukraine, which will include HIMARS, shells for MLRS and artillery. This will be the 16th such package during the presidency of Joe Biden.

Ramstein group

The Ukraine Defense Contact Group was created to assess Ukraine's defense needs and provide assistance. The first meeting of the UDCG took place on April 26 at the US Air Force Base Ramstein in Germany with the participation of 40 countries.

At the Ramstein-2 meeting held on May 23, Ukraine received confirmation regarding the strengthening of coastal defense — primarily Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

The third meeting in the Ramstein format took place in mid-June. After the meeting, Germany, Canada, Slovakia, Poland and the Netherlands announced the supply of additional weapons to Ukraine.

The fourth meeting of the group was held online on July 20.