Untold Stories of the Syrian War
15 March, 2017

   The Untold Stories of Syrian War  

Special Hromadske reporting series by Nataliya Gumenyuk & Oleksandr Nazarov

Meet the unknown heroes of the Syrian conflict — civil society.


 The teacher, who raises money to plant trees in the bombed-out city back to where it was after the war. An English teacher who joined the civil defence and is now risking their life. A volunteer, who after six years of conflict, has to make a break and find the strength to help the others. The conflict in Syria started 6 years ago on the 15th March 2011 and has led to the deaths of half a million of people. For a while this war in the Middle East, what with the news about jihadists and the apocalyptic pictures of the bombed towns, seemed very distant and didn’t resonate with audiences in Eastern Europe, even though Moscow has supported the Syrian regime since the very beginning of the conflict, and, openly started the military campaign operation in late 2015. Today, if you take a closer look at the fates of these people, the Ukrainians who live through their own war may find it easy to empathise with regular Syrians, understand the logic of the volunteers who sacrifice their lives to help the others, and also see the untold story of the Syrian civil society surviving amid devastating war.

produced by Liuda Kornievych, Galya Rudyk, Sofia Fedeczko, Fyodor Shulgin, Nick Storchay, Bob Skinner.


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Untold Stories of the Syrian War