Ukrainians fundraise enough for two Bayraktar UAVs for the Armed Forces in one day
23 June, 2022

TV presenter and volunteer Serhiy Prytula together with blogger Igor Lachenkov announced a fundraiser for three Bayraktars for the Ukrainian military. The organizers set an ambitious goal — to raise 500 million hryvnias ($17.1 million) in one week. However, in just a day they managed to raise money for two Turkish-made drones, according to Prytula.

Fundraising within the "People's Bayraktar" project began at 9 am on June 22 and the organizers managed to raise 296 million hryvnias ($10.4 million) in the space of a day.

"We add what our fund has allocated for the project and we have a total of 366 million hryvnias ($12.5 million)! This means that out of the desired three, we have already raised for two "Bayraktars"! Two in a day! People, you are doing something fantastic and writing history!" Prytula informed on social media.

Earlier, Prytula and Lachenkov announced that they intend to raise 500 million hryvnias in one week for three units of the Turkish strike operational-tactical drone Bayraktar to help the Ukrainian Air Force.

The Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation called this fundraising campaign "the biggest in Ukraine." "Every dollar, euro, hryvnia or cryptocurrency is important in our struggle for Ukrainian freedom," they said.

This fundraiser was supported by a number of Ukrainian activists and prominent figures, such as Ukrainian footballer Oleksandr Zinchenko.

In the first 12 hours of the collection alone, 141 million hryvnias was raised. Fundraising details are available on the website of the charity fund.