Ukraine's Top Officials Filed E-Declarations: We Examined The Most Important
5 April, 2017

In 2016, the Ukrainian government approved a new electronic system of declaring assets and income to provide more transparency in public administration. The first wave of e-declarations for senior officials ended on 30th October, 2016. The deadline for submitting e-declarations for the second wave expired at midnight on 31st March. In these documents, officials indicate their salary, savings, stocks and real estate they either own, or lease.

Hromadske has examined the e-declarations of the Ukrainian President, Prime Minister, head of the National Bank and Chairperson of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, as this body is responsible for checking the e-declarations for Ukrainian officials.

Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian President

According to the electronic declaration from Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, his income was about $444,000 in 2016. Poroshenko stated that his salary as head of state for last year was $13,500. The majority of his income, more than $439,000, comprises of interest from deposits in the International Investment Bank.

First Lady Marina Poroshenko declared an income of $2,700 in 2016.

Also, Ukraine’s President indicated that he has about 26 million dollars, nearly 10 thousand euros, and 80 thousand hryvnias ($2,950)on his bank accounts. Poroshenko lent to third parties over 1 million UAH ($36 874) and $3.4 million in 2016. He also keeps $60,000 and 180,000 hryvnias ($6,600) in cash.

In addition, he declared that he has $1 million in bank accounts owned by the third party, Rothschild Trust Schweiz AG ,in Rothschild Bank, Switzerland.

The President has a residential property worth $1.1 million, three plots of land in the Obukhiv district in Kyiv region, and three in Kyiv. He has three apartments in Kyiv and one in the Vinnitsya region. Marina Poroshenko owns land and a house in the Boryspil district.

Poroshenko is an ultimate beneficiary of about 100 companies. Among them are companies registered in different regions of Ukraine, the Virgin Islands and Cyprus.

Volodymyr Groysman, The Prime Minister of Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman declared an income of about $584,700 in 2016. His salary, as chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in 2016 amounted to $10,300. Interest from the deposits in Ukrainian banks was $3,700.

The majority of his income, $409,300, Groysman received from the sale of land and a car. He recieved another $155,000 in income Groysman from renting out real estate. He paid $55,300 in taxes on the income he received in 2016.

In bank accounts, the head of Ukrainian government holds 18 million hryvnias ($663,700), $802,000 and 477,000 euros. Volodymyr Groysman also declared two apartments, two houses and four plots of land.

The wife of the Prime Minister declared an income of $59,900 in 2016, $51,600 of which came from conducting business activities.

Valeriya Gontareva, The head of the National Bank of Ukraine

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeriya Gontareva declared an income of $2.1 million in 2016. Most of that money, $1.9 million, she received from the sale of shares in an offshore company, ICU Holdings Limited . From interest on deposits in Ukreximbank, Valeriya Gontareva received $87,700 last year. Gontareva’s salary, as head of the National Bank of Ukraine, comprised of $72,900 in 2016.

Gontareva and her family hold all their monetary assets in bank accounts.

In Ukreximbank accounts, Gontareva has $2.66 million (in 2015 she declared $1.83 million). Also, in her previous e-declaration, the head of the NBU declared $2,300 in an Oshchadbank bank account, while in the latest declaration there is no indication of this bank account.

Gontareva owns a country house and land in the Kyiv region, as well as apartments in Kyiv.

Gontareva’s husband, Oleg, owns land and a house in Irpin. In 2016, he bought a plot of land in Gorenychi in the Kyiv region for $67,500 and a house for $398 200.

The head of the NBU has two cars: a Porsche Panamera (2012) and a Porsche Cayenne (2013). In 2016, Gontareva spent $44,249 on her son’s education (her youngest son, Mykyta, studies at the British International School in Kyiv).

Nataliya Korchak, the chairperson of the National Agency On Corruption Prevention

Nataliya Korchak, the chairperson of the National Agency On Corruption Prevention (the executive body responsible for the development and implementation of anti-corruption policy) earned more than $48,000 there and another $2,100 in the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine in 2016.

Also Korchak declared $12,000 in cash, 88,3 square meters apartment in Kyiv and shared ownership of the apartment in Kyiv total area of which is 37,58 square meters.