Ukrainian Song Featured in David Beckham’s Ad
9 January, 2018

“Life’s too short for a bad haircut” reads a slogan for the new House 99 grooming brand, launched by British football player David Beckham today.

But it appears life’s also too short for bad music: Beckham has used “Sho z-pod duba” (“Under the oak”) – a song by the acclaimed Ukrainian ethnic music band DakhaBrakha – in the first promotional video for the brand. The ad features the world-famous football player himself.

“DakhaBrakha’s music under the leadership of David Beckham is ready to stylishly shave the dozen of handsome men with the help of the fine edge!” DakhaBrakha wrote on Facebook announcing the news.

According to Iryna Horban, the art manager of DakhaBrakha, negotiations for Beckham to use the song took six months.

“We are delighted that our music is fitting in any context and any country of the world,” she told Hromadske.

The promotional video shows different male models, including Beckham, brushing and styling their hair and shaving their beards – all with House 99 products.

DakhaBrakha, who started their music career in 2004, have gotten used to international success. Over the last few years, they have regularly played gigs in countries like the U.S., France, the United Kingdom and even China and Malaysia. In 2015, they performed “Sho z-pod duba” on the BBC Two television channel.

DakhaBrakha’s music has also been featured in the Canadian film “Bitter Harvest” and the American comedy series “Fargo.”

/By Maria Romanenko