UPDATED: Ukrainian Sniper Amina Okueva Killed in Assassination Ambush
30 October, 2017

Ukrainian authorities are treating the murder of Amina Okueva — a Chechen refugee sniper and member of the Kyiv-2 police battalion — as a contract killing, according to the press office of the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Okueva was in her car with husband Adam Osmaev, who fought alongside her in eastern Ukraine, when the vehicle was fired upon some 25 kilometers southwest of Kyiv on October 30.

The news of Okueva’s killing was first reported in a Facebook post by parliamentarian and Ukrainian Interior Ministry Adviser Anton Herashchenko.

Антон Геращенко

“Her car was fired upon from the bushes by the railway track in the Hlevakha town in Kyiv region,” Herashchenko wrote on the evening of October 30.

The MP added that Osmaev was also injured in the shooting, but will survive.

“I just spoke with him over the phone,” Herashchenko said.

The killing comes almost five months after another assassination attempt on the Chechen refugee couple in Kyiv.

On June 1, a Chechen-born Russian citizen named Artur Denisultanov-Kurmakaev posed as a journalist from the French newspaper Le Monde to meet with the couple for an interview. During the interview, he pulled out a gun and shot Osmaev. However, Okueva shot Denisultanov-Kurmakaev four times in defense and saved her husband's life. 

Denisultanov-Kurmakaev, who also went by "Dingo," was involved in the 2009 murder of Umar Israilov, the former chief security guard to Kremlin-appointed Chechen Republic Head Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to Ukrainian media, Okueva has been buried in a private ceremony on November 1 in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

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/By Maria Romanenko