Ukrainian Rockstar Vakarchuk Could Be a Better President Than Zelenskiy – Francis Fukuyama
19 April, 2019

Stanford University professor, political scientist and philosopher Francis Fukuyama tells Hromadske that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Ukrainian singer who previously speculated about running for presidency, would be a better president than comic and current front-runner Volodymyr Zelenskiy. He said he hoped Zelenskiy could be “half-decent” president.

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“If he [Zelenskiy] is elected this weekend, we have no choice, so we have to hope that he is going to turn out to be half-decent president”.

Fukuyama expressed regret that Vakarchuk has declined to take part in the elections and compete with Zelenskiy. According to Fukuyama, “he would be much more qualified” for the presidency.

“He [Vakarchuk] would have policies that were much better thought out and would be able to assemble a much better team. But that didn’t happen and we can only hope for the best with Mr. Zelenskiy”.

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Asked if he sees any risks with possible presidency of Zelenskiy, Fukuyama noted that there are risks with Zelenskiy because nobody knows what he would do, what his preferences and policies would be or what his team would consist of.

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/By Ostap Yarysh and Džiugas Kuprevičius