Ukrainian Medics to Help out in Italy
5 April, 2020
Arrival of Ukrainian doctors to Italy, April 4, 2020 Embassy of Ukraine in Italy

A group of 20 Ukrainian doctors arrived in the Italian Marche region on April 4. For two weeks, they will help local counterparts fight the coronavirus pandemic.

This was reported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Italy.

“Residents of the Marche region are in need of help today. Of the 4,230 coronavirus patients, 574 died and only 42 recovered. We are proud of our doctors, who have come to Italy to save human lives not by military order, but by the call of the heart and soul,” the message reads.

"We will constantly keep in touch with our doctors in Italy so that we can use all the work in the treatment of this disease in Ukraine. The [brigade] that flew to Italy includes infectious disease specialists, resuscitators, surgeons, anesthesiologists, endocrinologists, neuropathologists and nurses that is, all those involved in the treatment of this disease," said Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov.

Italian Ambassador David La Cecilia thanked Ukraine for sending doctors from Ukraine.

"Ukrainian doctors who will work for 14 days will help the Italian doctors and get experience that they can use further. The Italian side appreciates this contribution," he said.

Earlier, chief sanitary officer Viktor Lyashko said that upon returning from Italy, Ukrainian doctors could be immediately involved in combating the coronavirus epidemic.

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This comes after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree to provide humanitarian assistance to Italy, which is affected by the coronavirus epidemic and is the global leader in terms of casualties.

Ukraine will provide payment and protection for doctors, whilst the Italian side will provide accommodation and food. The President assured that they would have all the necessary special means.

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