Ukrainian human rights activist Masi Nayyem seriously wounded at the front line
5 June, 2022
Masi Nayyem Photo: Facebook / Stavnitser Andrey

Ukrainian serviceman and lawyer Masi Nayyem was seriously wounded in the combat zone, director Oleg Sentsov, businessman Andriy Stavnitser and activist Serhiy Sternenko announced.

According to Stavnitser, Nayyem was wounded in the head and taken to a hospital in Dnipro.

Masi's brother Mustafa Nayyem said he had a severe head and eye injury. "He was in a coma, sometimes comes to his senses. Doctors say [his condition] is stable now. He was taken to Dnipro, to the Mechnikov Regional Hospital. They are preparing for a surgery," Mustafa Nayyem wrote.

It has not been disclosed exactly on which axis of the front Masi Nayyem was. The circumstances of his injury are also unknown.

Masi Nayyem is the founder and lawyer of the Miller Law Firm. He is the brother of former journalist, MP and Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayyem.

Masi Nayyem took part in the fighting in eastern Ukraine from August 2015 to October 2016. After the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, he returned to the ranks of the Armed Forces.