Ukrainian Government to Consider Extending Lockdown Until May 12
21 April, 2020
The police and National Guard presence has increased due to the quarantine. Anastasia Vlasova / Hromadske

Ukraine's health ministry will propose to the cabinet of ministers prolonging quarantine for another 18 days due to the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country.

This was stated by Health Minister Maksym Stepanov during a press briefing on April 21.

He, however, added that some restrictions might be lifted. For example, museums and libraries might reopen for visitors provided they wear masks and don't have a fever. Visiting parks might become permitted, too.

"These [park] walks will be restricted in terms of numbers of people and the required wearing of PPE," the minister said, adding that other softenings might also be introduced, though they will all be "regulated".

Since April 6, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced tougher restrictions for Ukrainians. In that way, the wearing of protective masks has become compulsory everywhere in the public and parks and relaxation zones are out of bounds.

The current period of quarantine in the country ends on April 24.

According to the latest data, Ukraine has 6,125 confirmed coronavirus cases, which includes 161 lethal ones and 367 recoveries.

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