Ukraine Can Count on Support Amid PACE Crisis - Georgian MP Kandelaki
30 June, 2019

Alarm bells are still ringing across Ukraine after the news that Russia would be allowed to reintegrate itself as a full member of the Council of Europe became official. Georgian MP, Giorgi Kandelaki spoke with Hromadske over a Skype telephone call to clarify Georgia’s position on PACE’s decision to bring Russia back as a full member. 

“Anyone that says it will just be Ukraine, is mistaken. It will not be like that.”

Kandelaki was quick to assure that Ukraine would have allies should it choose to pursue action against the Council of Europe. The Georgian MP notes that, along with other members and colleagues, he is in favor of, “full boycott” against the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. 

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How to proceed is undoubtedly the question lurking in the minds of delegations in Eastern Europe. But Kandelaki made one thing clear, “Without the Ukrainian delegation itself, no future action will be feasible.”

In Ukraine, a new parliamentary selection will be elected on July 21. Within that, a new delegation to PACE will be chosen. Georgian MP, Kandelaki assured that whatever the new delegation decides, Ukraine can count on solidarity.

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