Ukraine’s Presidential Election: Between First and Second Rounds
7 April, 2019

Exactly seven days have passed since the first round of the Ukrainian Presidential Elections. One would expect some peace and quiet, but not in Ukraine. The show must go on! The presidential debate seems to be on, despite the winner of the first round Volodymyr Zelenskiy demonstrating audacity to set the current president Petro Poroshenko an ultimatum with regard to the venue and several other conditions. Third-placed Yulia Tymoshenko hinted at her favorite, but it was so subtle that could be played down if need be.

This week we invited editor of Atlantic Council's UkraineAlert blog Melinda Haring, publisher Oksana Forostyna, and author and publisher Katia Mishchenko for a chat. We will be discussing Ukrainian society and its reaction to the elections, what people think of the results, the reasons behind them and how successful candidates’ campaigns have been so far. Tune in to stay in the know.

Melinda Haring

editor of UkraineAlert blog at the Atlantic Council

Oksana Forostyna

managing partner of Yakaboo Publishing

Katia Mishchenko

editor and writer at Medusa Books