Ukraine’s PM Groysman to Form New Political Party
23 April, 2019

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said he will form a new political force, which he will lead into upcoming parliamentary elections. He made this statement during an interview for TV channel “ICTV”.

Groysman said that the new party “will unite people with good reputation, who don’t just talk, but actually do things and feel commited to the country.”

“I do not want to be an extra in the next political season, I want to be active, fight for ideas and implement them,” PM said.

Groysman said that he has ideas and knows the way to implement them. “A force of like-minded people will be formed, with whom we will seek a mandate of trust from the Ukrainian people”.

He also noted that the electoral system must be changed before the next parliamentary elections.

“If we do not change the electoral system, after just a couple of months the newly elected parliament will turn out to be our biggest disappointment so far,” Groysman added.