Ukraine’s Health Minister Proposes Restriction of Movement and Mass Gatherings
15 March, 2020

Minister of Health of Ukraine Ilya Yemets proposes to restrict mass gatherings of over 10 people, to close food service establishments and shopping centers, to restrict movement within the country, to introduce a remote mode of operation and to review the mode of operation of public transport.

The statement was made public by the ministry's press service.

A quarantine has already been introduced across Ukraine to contain the spread of the coronavirus on March 12. All schools, including private ones, must remain closed for three weeks until April 3. Also, mass rallies of more than 200 people are banned in the country.

From March 16, Ukraine will close the border for foreigners for two weeks to stem the spread of the coronavirus. And from March 17, Ukraine will close the passenger air service.

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According to the minister, only pharmacies and grocery stores should operate.

“We have no right to wait until the mass infection of Ukrainians. We must act immediately, ahead of schedule. Hard and without exceptions,” said Yemets.

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Considering the situation, he proposes that hospitals are re-profiled into infection control centers immediately, only urgent cases are attended to, all urgent measures are canceled and all resources are directed at preparation for the fight against infection.

“I urge all Ukrainians not to be light-hearted. This is a time when you do not panic, but mobilize, gather all your strength and help yourself, your loved ones and your fellow citizens. There is still an opportunity to prevent a terrible tragedy throughout Ukraine now,” says Yemets, adding that self-isolation is the most effective way to prevent the spread of the disease.

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Three cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Ukraine so far. One of them was lethal — on March 13, a 71-year-old pensioner from northern Ukraine died.