Ukraine’s Government Prolongs Quarantine, Says Coronavirus Peak Still Ahead
22 April, 2020
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine session on April 22. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal is in the center on the back.

The Ukrainian government will prolong the coronavirus quarantine until at least May 11. The decision was made during a session on April 22.

"In approving this decision, we relied on simulations made by analysts from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and data from the Ministry of Health, which indicate that the peak of the disease may occur in early May," explained Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

Earlier he noted that according to the calculations of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, two more peaks of morbidity are expected: tentatively one at the end of April and, another between May 3 and 8.

“At the same time, we have a clear plan of ending the quarantine. It consists of 5 stages. There are two conditions for launching it. First, if during 10 days the percentage of detected cases in the country does not change or fluctuate within 5%. Secondly, hospitals are filled with COVID-19 patients by less than 50%,” stressed Shmyhal.

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He noted that, according to experts, Ukraine could start the process of exiting the lockdown on May 12.

“Until then, we have important tasks that we are working on: we are gradually increasing the number of tests, improving the provision of hospitals and medics, introducing an E-control system for self-isolation as an alternative to observation, and developing new social standards. This is primarily about wearing personal protective equipment, maintaining social distancing and constant disinfection,” added Shmyhal.

“Ukraine will certainly return to its normal life, but unfortunately, the threat will not disappear in the near future. And together with the whole world, we must learn to live in these new conditions,” he noted.

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Ukraine currently has 6,592 confirmed coronavirus cases. Of them, 174 people have died and 424 have recovered.

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