Ukraine's Count of COVID-19 Cases Exceeds 18,000
17 May, 2020

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 18,291 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Ukraine. A total of 5,116 patients have already recovered and 514 have died from complications.

This was reported by the Center for Public Health.

Over the past 24 hours, 433 new infections were detected, including 32 children and 57 health workers, while 17 people have died. At the same time, 210 patients have recovered.

The largest number of infected remains in the western Ukrainian Chernivtsi region (2,694) and Kyiv city (2,280).

The highest number of new cases on May 16 was recorded in Kyiv city – 59, in Kyiv region – 54, Lviv region – 50, and Chernivtsi region – 47. No new infections were detected in the Kherson and Luhansk regions.

Overall, 1,301 children and 3,569 physicians were confirmed to carry COVID-19. 12,503 patients are receiving outpatient treatment, including 1,070 children and 2,916 medics. A total of 5,788 people needed to be hospitalized, including 231 children and 653 physicians. 238 people, including one child and 20 doctors, needed to be connected to a ventilator.

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