UPDATED: Ukraine's Constitutional Court Rules for Snap Parliamentary Elections to Happen
20 June, 2019

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine has recognized President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's decrees to dissolve the parliament and to hold snap parliamentary elections as legal.

This was announced by the court's press service. Therefore, the snap parliamentary elections will be held on July 21 as previously called for by Zelenskyy.

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The statement reads that the court (in the form of 16 constitutional court judges) voted in favor of satisfying Zelenskyy's order due to the fact that there was a conflict between the president and the parliament. The previous, seventh convocation of the parliament voted in favor of redacting two articles of the Ukrainian constitution, therefore making the existence of a parliamentary coalition obligatory for the Ukrainian parliament and granting the right to dissolve the parliament to the president when there is no such coalition.

The subsequent convocation (which will stay in their seats until July 21) failed to renew the legal framework for the correlation between these two processes. Therefore, a conflict between the president and the parliament came into existence. And since the constitution reads that "The people are the only source of power in Ukraine", the court deems it fair to leave it up to the nation to resolve this constitutional conflict by voting in the snap parliamentary elections.

The statement also reads that this court decision is final and cannot be appealed.