'Ukraine Needs Support From Next U.S. President To Fight Russian Aggression'
6 November, 2016

Ukraine’s envoy to the United States explains to Hromadske’s Nataliya Gumenyuk the importance of maintaining sanctions against Russia and his hopes to strengthen cooperation with the next U.S. president, whether it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.





So, the question would be that, of course, when there is a campaign, somehow the part of the political life is (frozen). (But) with Ukraine, all the issues are still there. So what can Ukraine expect from the U.S. at this stage before January 20 in fact and what are the key issues for (a) country like ours?



Well, first of all, I would like to mention the important position of the leadership of the United States, including President of the United States because despite having the great bipartisan support of the parliament, the Congress, we count on the firm position of the next president of the United States. It's a very important issue for Ukraine.


There are three priorities. First of all, support (for) Ukraine in the situation that we are still in; the aggression of the Russian Federation. We need that bipartisan support including the STAND for Ukraine Act which is now being considered in the Senate. The next is the budget 2017. We count (on) and we believe (there) will be a decision in the Congress and signed by the president to receive no less money in support of Ukraine than this year. And also, we count on the key transatlantic unity and solidarity (with) Ukraine in sanctions policy.


We understand Russia has not implemented its responsibility for the Minsk arrangements. That's why the considering of the continuous rollover of sanctions measures are an important issue. And finally, we (don't) want to lose time in this transformation period. So we believe the next months after the election day and before the inauguration, we will not be less active (with) the active administration and the next administration in the issue of Ukraine and our bilateral cooperation. So we understand the priority. We understand how to achieve that and I am sure that (during) this period of (scheduled) elections, will not make a great impact on our bilateral relationship. And in the future, we will work with any president who will come into office. This is a decision by the American people but what's important for us is the United States leadership, stronger bilateral relations, because Ukraine contributes a lot to security, not only in Ukraine but in Europe and, in the United States, I, as the ambassador, every time, repeat that (to) taxpayers. So the United States now (doesn't) pay a big amount of money for stopping the aggression because we Ukrainians in Ukraine paid an unpredictable price for that and 10,000 people (were) killed so, I believe that this American society (and) the American president consider that and contribute a lot to security in Europe and the support of Ukraine in the future.