Ukraine’s New Government, Explained
5 January, 2015

The Ukrainian parliament voted in a new reformist Cabinet of Ministers using the same old tactics of dirty Ukrainian politics.

Ukraine’s Ministers at the Verkhovna Rada (Photo:

What You Need to Know:

✓ The Verkhovna Rada voted in its new Cabinet of Ministers on December 2, 2014;

✓ Some MPs were very unsatisfied with the lack of transparency and old-school pressure to vote for ministers without their being subject to a public grilling;

✓ The opposition did not even bother to take part in the vote and left the session hall while it was taking place;

✓ The day of the vote, President Poroshenko signed a decree that granted 3 foreigners Ukrainian citizenship — they became ministers the same day;

✓ The controversy surrounding the selection of a minister to head a soon-to-be created “Ministry of Truth” eclipsed much of the day’s events;


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Ukraine’s New Government, Explained.


by Devin AcklesHromadske International

produced by Maxim EristaviRandy R. Potts