Russian-Backed Separatists Jail Prominent Scientist for 32 Months
3 May, 2017

The Ukrainian scientist, Ihor Kozlovskiy, has been sentenced to 2.8 years in prison occupied Donetsk by Russian-backed separatists. He has already been imprisoned in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic for more than one year.

This information came from his son, Oleksandr Kozlovskiy.

Alexandr Kozlovskyy

‘Neither his age, nor the fact he has a disabled son in his care count as mitigating circumstances for the court,’ wrote Oleksandr.

Oleksandr says that the so-called court argued that Ihor Kozlovskiy is a particularly unreliable citizen, due to his connection with several members of organisations that are banned in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, such as the ‘Freedom’ party which was banned in 2014.

‘We can only rely on public support and effective action from Ukrainian authorities and international organizations in terms of the release process for Ihor Kozlovsky,’ the scientist’s son summarised.

Ihor Kozlovskiy a Ukrainian scientist and the head of a number of theological organizations in Donetsk, who also used to practice yoga, was captured by Russian-backed separatists in January 2016. He was accused of espionage and weapons manufacturing. He has been in a prison for almost 400 days. In March, he celebrated his 63rd birthday in prison.

Hromadske spoke to Denys Kozlovskiy in March 2017 about the Ukrainian scientist’s condition whilst in detention in Donbas, and the efforts that should be taken to set him free.