Ukraine: Russian Website Ban Is Impossible To Implement, Experts Say
16 May, 2017

Blocking the Russian sites included in the new list of sanctions is currently technically impossible.

Chairman of the Internet Association of Ukraine, Alexander Fediyenko told "Interfax Ukraine": "As of today, it can not be done."

He also added that the implementaion of the block would take time and large sums of money to upgrade equipment and make network topology changes.

The opinions of journalists and media experts are divided. Most media community representatives protested the decree, seeing it as attack on freedom of expression. “We are turning into Russia, except we have no oil” – commented philosopher Michael Minakov.

The rest of the experts openly delighted the decree. “If it will be possible to do this, this will be the greatest contribution to the protection of information sovereignty of Ukraine ever,” – commented Yevhen Fedchenko, StopFake founder.

Earlier today, President Petro Poroshenko signed an order expanding sanctions against legal entities and Russian companies.

The decision of the National Security Council says that internet providers will be prohibited from providing internet users access to the resources and services of and must deny them access to "VKontakte" and "Odnoklassniki."