Ukraine Returns 20 Citizens to State-Controlled Territory As Part of the Prisoner Swap
16 April, 2020

The prisoner exchange between the Ukrainian government and Russia-led separatists in the Donbas has now been complete, writes the Office of the President of Ukraine. 

Ukraine managed to return 20 people as part of it: 9 from the occupied Donetsk region and 11 from occupied Luhansk region.

Their names are as follows.

Ukrainians that were illegally held captive in the occupied Donetsk region:

1. Oleksandr Alakoz (civilian)

2. Mykola Hrynenko (soldier)

3. Mykola Iliukhin (civilian)

4. Volodymyr Karas (law enforcement officer)

5. Yevhen Kostiev (civilian)

6. Oleksandr Pomeliayko (civilian)

7. Oleksandr Sadovskyi (civilian)

8. Vadym Siryk (civilian)

9. Viktor Shaydov (soldier)

Ukrainians that were illegally held captive in the occupied Luhansk region:

1. Vitaliy Zheldak (civilian)

2. Valentyn Mozhayev (civilian)

3. Serhiy Myronych (civilian)

4. Mykola Polozov (civilian)

5. Alevtyna Popova (civilian)

6. Serhiy Rusynov (civilian)

7. Ivan Slyvka (civilian)

8. Oleksandr Slyvka (civilian)

9. Oleksandr Tabachyi (civilian)

10. Oleksandr Shtyl (civilian)

11. Oleksandr Yakovenko (civilian)

Ukraine, on its part, gave away 14 people to occupied Donbas, according to the country's Security Service (SBU). Their names have not been disclosed yet.

"For the first time, Ukraine returned more persons than it handed over. But the biggest victor is still ahead," the message on the SBU website reads.

Minister for Reintegration of the Occupied Territories Oleksiy Reznikov​later told hromadske that all those exchanged will be subject to a 14-day observation during which they will not be able to see their relatives.

According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy's office, Ukraine continues talks about the release of the Ukrainians held in Russia-occupied Crimea and Russia. The office's head, Andriy Yermak, has highlighted that the plan is to return "everyone."

"We are returning all the citizens of Ukraine. No exceptions. This is what strong countries that value their citizens do," he said.

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