Ukraine to Prepare Amendments to Minsk Ahead of Next Normandy Summit
12 December, 2019

Ukraine is planning to propose amendments to the Minsk Agreements in advance of the next Normandy format summit, scheduled for March 2020. That’s according to Ukraine’s representative in the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk, Oleksii Reznikov, during an airing of Hromadske’s Right Now talk show.

“We’ll absolutely write these proposals. They already were in the President’s list of initiatives. But over the next four months, we expect that even the ‘homework’ that the sides agreed to...could be completed by March,” Reznikov said.

The Ukrainian representative is convinced that the Minsk agreements need to be re-examined in order to make them functional. Most of the provisions in the Minsk agreements have not been met, often due to Russian intransigence.

Once the proposal is ready, it will be examined by political advisors as well as the foreign affairs ministries of the four countries involved in the Normandy format. German chancellor Angela Merkel has already stated her belief that the agreements need to be adapted to current circumstances, saying that this adaption would give the Minsk agreements much-needed “momentum and elasticity.”

For his part, Russian president Vladimir Putin stated during a press conference following December’s Normandy summit in Paris that “there is no alternative to the Minsk agreements” and has pressed Ukraine to fulfill its side of the obligations.

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