Ukraine Officially Leaves PACE, Calls it a "Discredited Organization"
26 June, 2019
Demonstrators stage a protest outside the Austrian embassy in Kyiv on June 25, 2019. Hromadske

The Ukrainian delegation has now officially left the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), the delegation's head Volodymyr Ariev announced on Facebook. This immediately follows Russia's full regain of all its responsibilities within PACE, as Russian news agency Interfax reported on June 26. 

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"Someone else's trouble does not hurt... All this time Russia's return was attempted using different methods: pressure, blackmail. Ukrainian delegation withstood this –​ Council of Europe did not," Ariev wrote on Facebook. 

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He added that June 26 was his last day of work at PACE (to which he referred as a "discredited organization") and it will be up to the new parliament (which will be elected during the snap parliamentary elections on July 21) whether to reinstate Ukraine's participation in PACE.

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