Ukraine Needs International Support to Reintegrate Donbas - Former European Parliament President
25 September, 2018

If Ukraine wants to ensure the reintegration of Donbas, then its going to need the full support of the international community, according to Irish politician and former president of the European Parliament Pat Cox.

“There has to be an insistence by the international community to find a UN mandate, and to get the Russians demilitarized and out to be able to close the border with international assistance,” Cox told Hromadske at the Yalta European Strategy conference on September 15.

“And, in the meanwhile, to not just support Ukraine with words, but with the necessary arms,” he adds.

However, Cox also believes that a lot still depends on Russia and their aggressive attitude towards the situation in Donbas and Ukraine.

“So far, the Minsk process has really failed to generate the answers expected, but I think the problem has been with the attitude of the Kremlin, which remains very aggressive and still not willing to resolve the matter,” he adds.