Ukraine Launches App to Track Coronavirus Patients and Suspected Carriers
7 April, 2020

Ukraine has launched an application designed to track people in self-isolation and observation.  It is currently available on Google Play Market, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation is currently waiting for approval on Apple’s AppStore.

This was announced by Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov on the Pryamiy TV channel.

“We started testing [the application on April 6]. It was developed in four days. Google has already confirmed it is available. Apple needs a few more hours or a day for it to appear. Then we will immediately start using it on a large number of people,” Fedorov said.

The Minister clarified that the application would not track the full movement of people.

“Each person will receive up to 10 push notifications within a 14-day period.  The geolocation will only turn on when the push notifications arrive. The person will be prompted to take a photo to confirm that he or she is in that place.  At that point, geolocation data is transmitted. There is no complete control over the movement,” Fedorov said.

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The app is only necessary for people who are registered by the Ministry of Health as someone needing self-isolation, at which point the person will be required to install the app.

The minister added that the app is targeted at categories for the app of people:

  • people who have returned from abroad and need to be on a 14-day observation;
  • COVID-19 patients being treated at home;
  • people with suspected coronavirus infection.

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