Ukraine hits strategic Antonivskyi bridge in Kherson. Occupation administration admits damage
27 July, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have struck the Antonivskyi bridge across the Dnipro in Kherson, which is strategically important for the Russian occupation forces, Nataliya Humenyuk, spokeswoman of the Operational Command "South", reported on the air of the national telethon.

Consequently, according to the enemy, the bridge was blocked for traffic.

According to Humenyuk, the Ukrainian military are keeping the enemy's critical logistical and transport arteries in the south in the cross hairs.

"This does not give him the opportunity to maneuver, to deploy forces and ammunition... We appreciate everything that is in our country, even if it is 'under the occupiers'. We are not destroying the infrastructure — we are destroying the enemy's plans," Humenyuk emphasized.

Statements of the invaders

Propagandist Russian mass media also reported on the shelling of the Antonivskyi bridge. They write that the Armed Forces fired from HIMARS rocket systems.

"Deputy head of the military-civilian administration of Kherson Oblast" Kirill Stremousov claimed that the crossing was not destroyed. But he admits that the bridge was damaged, so traffic on it was closed.