Ukraine asks Israel to sell Iron Dome, other defense systems
8 June, 2022

Ukraine wants to buy the Iron Dome air defense system from Israel and calls for more defense assistance. Despite the support of Ukrainians from Israel, the country's government remains in its "comfort zone", the Ambassador of Ukraine to Israel Yevhen Korniychuk said during a press conference on June 7. 

The diplomat said that Kyiv wanted to purchase the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system and similar means. According to him, the Iron Dome system is not considered a weapon but a tool that would save the lives of civilians.

"I want the Israeli government to move away from its comfort zone and get back to reality. We need Israeli assistance... I mean that we need the military-technical support; we need Iron Dome,... which will allow us to save our civilian women and children from the shelling of the Russian missiles in our territory," Korniychuk was quoted as saying by The Jerusalem Post.

At the same time, the ambassador stressed that Kyiv wants to purchase the Iron Dome, and does not count on donations.

He also asked Israel to approve the transfer of its Spike SR anti-tank missile system from Germany to Ukraine.

"Last week, from what I know for sure, Americans gave permission for the anti-spike missiles to be transferred from Germany to Ukraine, and Israel said no," Korniychuk said.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Israel has already sold its Spike anti-tank missile system to 18 member states of the European Union and NATO. This system has a range of up to 32 km and can be used from vehicles, helicopters, ships and ground launchers.

Israel's help

Ambassador Korniychuk stressed that this is not the only example of Israeli authorities refraining from helping. For example, Ukraine requested protective helmets and life jackets and received about 10% of the requested amount.

Israel was also asked to accept former soldiers who had their limbs amputated to have prostheses fitted, but the country delayed the decision. Korniychuk also stressed that the war in Ukraine is hardly covered in the Israeli media.

"The people of Israel show love and sympathy for us. The government is also sympathetic in its statements, but when it comes to action, it is something else," the ambassador said.

Nevertheless, he stressed that he was grateful to the citizens, companies and organizations that have been helping Ukraine since the first day of the war and for the humanitarian aid provided by Israel.

"Israel does not owe Ukraine anything. We are not begging you for help. We do believe that on the moral side, Israel has to take the part of the rest of the Western world and help Ukraine with all possible means," the ambassador said.