Panel Discussion: Truth in Times of War — and the New War on Truth
22 June, 2017

References to the "post-truth" era have become increasingly common, but questions as to what this means for democratic societies remain. Since the Russian occupation of Crimea and the outbreak of conflict in the east in 2014, Ukraine has also been fighting an information war as the Kremlin continues its attacks on truth. The tendency to dismiss the difference between fact and fiction has since become pervasive around the world–but how do we fight this new threat?

Hromadske's Editor-in-Chief Angelina Kariakina moderates a public panel discussion with Ivan Kratsev, Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies and Peter Pomerantsev, British TV producer and journalist, on the topic of "Truth in Times of War–and the New War on Truth."

This public panel discussion is taking place at the Institute for Human Sciences (IMW) in Vienna, Austria. It is part of a closed workshop entitled Post Truth, which takes place at the IWM on June 22 and 23, 2017.