Transgender Woman Temporarily Detained at PrivatBank Branch in Kyiv
2 September, 2019

Ukrainian human rights activist and transgender woman Anastasia-Eva Domani was temporarily detained in the PrivatBank branch in Kyiv.

She said this in a comment to Hromadske.

According to Domani, the manager of the branch located at 50/2 Povitroflotskyi Prospekt addressed her as a male and advised "to see a doctor". After a Facebook post by the activist, a bank security guard closed the door and asked to delete the photos.

“I came to the bank, nobody said that the cash desk was not working. There was already a queue. I made a remark to the bank employees saying that it is necessary to put up a sign: the cash desk is closed. The manager started giving me lip and I asked for a book of complaints and suggestions. And then it began: “I remember you when I was a manager in that hall. I remember your marriage. Is this allowed here? Poor kids. What does the law say about this marriage?” She started addressing me as a male: "I know why you came." I took a photo of her. Bank security closed me inside until I deleted the photo. When PrivatBank’s head office started calling, as well as journalists, the door was opened,” Domani said.

Eventually, the police arrived at the branch. The human rights activist filed a complaint with police over unlawful detention and attempted disclosure of personal data. Also, she was contacted by the PrivatBank head office to send the audio recordings made by her during the dispute with the manager. 

PrivatBank's official position is still unknown - Hromadske is awaiting a response.