The Sunday Show 11/12/2016
11 December, 2016

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This Week:


Russian Shadow in Transnistria Presidential Elections

Zhanna Bezpiatchuk, Hromadske Journalist - @BezpiatchukZ of @HromadskeUA


Macedonia Votes on Future European Path

Fani Karanfilova-Panovska, Director of the Foundation for Open Society in Macedonia - @fosim


Prozorro: A Key Weapon to Fight Corruption?

Yuriy Nikolov, Journalist at Nashi Groshi (Our Money) - @nashigroshi

Viktor Nestulia, Program Director at Transparency International Ukraine - @TransparencyUA


Securing the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Vitalii Demianiuk, Chornobyl Research and Development Institute


Consequences of a New World Order

James Sherr, Associate Fellow at Chatham House, @ChathamHouse