The Grey Zone: Towns Left Without Transport
13 February, 2017

The Nevelske village in Yasynuvata is 27 kilometers away from Donetsk.

The last bus left from there in July 2014. Since then, there has been no public transport. A shuttle bus to Donetsk was available twice a day to Donetsk and surrounding cities before the war started.

Those who are left in the village require transport to Selydove twice a month, in order to receive their pensions.

“It’s expensive to take a car. But once a month, we chip in for a car to go and receive our pension and to buy some stuff,” says one resident.

One trip costs about 300-400 UAH (11-15$)

Mykola, a Nevelske resident, is one of few people who owns a car.  “We only go if there is a serious reason,” he says.  “We only take money for gas.”

Many of the transport routes in the region passed through Donetsk before the war started.   But when the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic appeared, many of these routes were cancelled.  Privately owned transport companies refuse to serve these villages, as they say it is unprofitable.

“Nobody cares about us. We’re kind of isolated here,” says Oleksandr, a resident of Vidrodzhennya, located on the Svitlodarsk arc.

Artem Lytvynov, Head of the Department of Basic Industries of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, says they are working on the issue of transport connection with these villages.

“People’s safety, the driver’s safety and the safety of the vehicle that will take this route must be ensured first.”

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