The Best of The Sunday Show 2016
8 January, 2017

What is the humanitarian situation like in Eastern Ukraine, and is the Minsk agreement failing to protect civilians?

What's life in Russian-occupied Crimea like? What is happening with the investigation into the Maidan massacre? What do we know? What is happening to the offshores of Ukraine's President Poroshenko? Are there reforms succeeding? What can the role of NATO be in Europe with a Trump presidency in America? Growing populism in Eastern Europe? How does the turbulence in the EU impact its eastern neighbors? What are the secrets of the Putin Power Structure? How is Kremlin propaganda developing?

During the entire year, the Hromadske International team followed these key issues and spoke to decision makers and analysts. We traveled to Donetsk and Crimea to show the life of the people affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. We went to the Netherlands to cover the referendum on the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement– the first populist vote of the year. We went to Russia and raised awareness on the persecution of political prisoners who are giving a voice to the voiceless.

We showed inspiring stories about war veterans starting a new life and paralympic athletes winning championships, despite all the odds.

George Bush's ex- speechwriter David Frum, Chatham House fellow James Sherr, Russian author Michail Zygar, British producer Peter Pomerantsev, Yale historian Timothy Snyder and many others.

Dispatches from Donbas and Crimea. Human stories, which inspire and show the real face of the fight for human rights in Eastern Europe.

Our documentaries on the investigation of the Maidan massacre and the beginning of the Russian invasion in Eastern Ukraine.

In this summary, we collected some of the best stories, interviews, documentaries which cannot be missed.