The Sunday Show. Reinforcing Compromise With Russia
29 January, 2017

This Week On Sunday Show: Enforcing Compromise With Russia

Donald Trump’s rhetoric on Russia and NATO inflamed some concerns in Kyiv of possible Yalta 2.0 agreement with Russia at Ukraine’s expense. Coincidentally, a controversial info-campaign to prepare Ukraine for a geopolitical U-turn has emerged. "To reconcile with Russia. Abandon pro-EU and pro-NATO choice and consider Crimea annexation as a fait accompli."

What do Ukrainian experts and Transatlantic relations' analysts have to say?

✅ Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, Vice-Prime Minister on European integration of Ukraine, @iklympush

✅ Paul Niland, Kyiv-based writer, founder of Statement Email, @PaulNiland of @statementemail 

✅ Volodymyr Yermolenko, director of European projects at Internews Ukraine, Hromadske journalist, @yermolenko_v

✅ Oleksii Semenii, political analyst, director of the Institute for Global Transformations, 

✅ Leo Litra, senior resercher at Institute of world policy, Kyiv

✅ Andrew Wilson, senior policy fellow at European Council on foreign relations

✅ Ulrich Speck, senior research fellow at the Brussels office of Elcano Institute, @ulrichspeck