The Sunday Show 05/03/2017
5 March, 2017



This Week:

First Major Corruption Arrest in Ukraine

Daria Kalenyuk, The Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Action Center                                                            

Azerbaijan Is Accused of Building a Monarchy         

Khadidja Ismayilova, investigative journalist, @khadija_ismayil

Eurovision Controversy in Ukraine

Kirill Voronin, Head of events team at Eurovision Ukraine

Being A Hostage In Eastern Ukraine

Denis Kozlovskiy, A Nephew of a Hostage in Eastern Ukraine 

"Montenegro Could End Up Like Ukraine"              

Tim Judah, British Reporter and Political Analyst for The Economist, @timjudah1 of @TheEconomist

Georgia Is Under Fire For Media Takeover        

Levan Asatiani, Regional Campaigner on Eurasia at Amnesty International, @levan_asatiani of @amnesty