The Sunday Show: Trump Plays "Blame Game", Journalist Disappears & Farming in DPR, Donbas & Dialogue
30 July, 2017

This Week On Sunday Show:

✅ 3 Years Investigating MH17: Ukraine Shares More Insights

Three years after MH17 was downed over the separatist-controlled Donbas region, a Netherlands-based international team of investigators has concluded that a Russian-supplied Buk anti-aircraft missile caused the tragedy. In an exclusive interview, Olena Zerkal — the official overseeing the Ukrainian side of the international investigation — speaks with Hromadske about investigating the tragedy.

Featuring guest:

Olena Zerkal, Deputy Minister for European Integration @MFA_Ukraine

✅ Journalist Disappears in Occupied Donetsk

On June 2, Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseev disappeared in the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR). For years, he had been secretly documenting daily life in the separatist-controlled "state" for pro-Kyiv publications. Last week, the separatist "authorities" finally confirmed publicly that they have Aseev in custody. Hromadske takes a closer look at Aseev's writing, his disappearance, and what may await him if he stands "trial" in the DPR.

Featuring Guests:

Yegor Firsov, Friend Of Imprisoned Journalist Aseev, Member of Ukrainian Parliament (2014-2016), @Firsov_Donetsk

Maria Guryeva, Press Officer, Amnesty International Ukraine @Amnesty_UA

✅ Trump Plays “Blame Ukraine”

U.S. President Donald Trump is facing increasing scrutiny over accusations that his campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In a July 25 tweet, President Trump alleged that Ukraine had interfered in the election to boost his competitor, Hillary Clinton. Hromadske speaks with U.S. journalist Franklin Foer about the roots of Trump's accusations.

Featuring Guest:

Franklin Foer, American journalist, The Atlantic @FranklinFoer

✅ Promoting Conflict Resolution in Ukraine

Can dialogue across the front line help resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine? Hromadske discusses the benefits and challenges of such dialogue with conflict resolution expert Goran Lojancic.

Featuring Guest:

Goran Lojancic, Conflict Resolution Expert At Nansen Dialogue Center Serbia, @NDC_Srbija

✅ Farming on the Front Line

Farmers in eastern Ukraine are making use of a "bread ceasefire" to harvest their crops. But their work isn't easy. They face restrictions on their movement and must avoid landmines in the fields. In spite of this, many continue their work with a sense of humor. Hromadske gets an inside look at agriculture on the front line.

This is the season finale of The Sunday Show. From all of Hromadske International, thank you for your support. A new season begins on September 5, 2017. Until then, tune in every Sunday for a compilation of this season's best.