The Sunday Show: Euromaidan and Solidarity with Hong Kong, Land Reform in Ukraine, and MH17 Developments
22 November, 2019

This week on the Sunday Show, we’ll be marking six years since the start of the Euromaidan revolution, which helped trigger systemic reform in the country, but also has been an inspiration for the Hong Kong protesters. We'll discuss the connection between the protests in Ukraine and Hong Kong with the main coordinator of Free Hong Kong Center Arthur Kharytonov.

Apart from that, we’ll be discussing the land reform in Ukraine. After adopting in the first hearing the bill on the creation of a land market, Verkhovna Rada is close to finalizing the reform that has been continuing in Ukraine for the past 25 years. Our discussion on this topic will feature the Servant of the People MP Maryan Zablotskyy, MP from Golos party Volodymyr Tsabal, and Dmytro Lyvch, project manager and head of analytics at EasyBusiness.

Finally, the latest evidence regarding Russia’s involvement in the MH17 downing and opening of the new bridge between the government-controlled and Russia-occupied territories of Donbas would be the other topics of the show.