The Sunday Show: Romanian Protests, World AIDS Day, Transnistria, Timothy Snyder
3 December, 2017

✅ Romania Protests Over Judicial Reform

This past week Romanians took to the streets to protest judicial reform they believe would allow corruption to go unpunished. More than forty civil society organizations alleged that the government had been taken over by a “political mafia.” The protests are the second mass demonstration this year against government attempts to overhaul the judiciary. Hromadske looks at the situation in Romania.

✅ Inside The Lviv Security Forum

From November 30 to December 1, experts from around the world gathered in Ukraine to discuss global security issues at the Lviv Security Forum. Hromadske was on hand to talk with the experts one-on-one. We bring you comments by Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Commanding General of the US Army Europe, about a potential peacekeeping mission in eastern Ukraine. Hromadske also sat down with Sven Sakkov, director of the International Center for Defense and Security, to discuss Russian hybrid warfare.

Oksana Syroyid

Deputy Chair of the Ukrainian Parliament

Sven Sakkov
Director, International Centre for Defence and Security

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

Commanding General, United States Army Europe

✅ Crimean Political Prisoner Released On House Arrest

On December 1, a Russian-controlled court in occupied Crimea ruled to place Ukrainian political prisoner Volodymyr Balukh under house arrest. While far from a victory, it was good news for the pro-Ukraine activist. Previously, Balukh had been held in a pre-trial detention center. In August, Balukh was sentenced to nearly four years in prison on weapons possession charges in a trial rights activists called deeply flawed. However, the verdict was overturned on appeal and the case was returned to a lower court. Shortly before the December 1 ruling, Hromadske spoke with Balukh’s mother about his case.

✅ HIV/AIDS in Ukraine

All around the world, the number of new HIV infections is falling — except for in one region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In this region, new infections have risen by 60% since 2010. As the planet marks World AIDS Day on December 1, Hromadske will also take a look at the challenge of HIV in Ukraine, speak with experts on the situation, and tell the story of one young HIV-positive woman working to increase understanding about the virus.

Richard Herts

Consultant on Youth Engagement and Partnerships, UNICEF

✅ Transnistria Talks in Vienna

This week, the OSCE held negotiations in Vienna between Moldova and Transnistria, a breakaway enclave on the East European country’s eastern border. Although the talks did not address reintegrating the unrecognized “republic” into the Moldova after 25 years, the two sides did manage to come to agreements on a few significant, if smaller issues. Are these agreements important breakthroughs or just minor improvements? Hromadske finds out.

✅ Lessons From the 20th Century About Tyranny

Since the election of Donald Trump, Historian Timothy Snyder has become something of a celebrity in the United States. A specialist on Eastern Europe, World War II and the Holocaust, Snyder penned a short book titled “On Tyranny” ruminating on the lessons of the 20th century. Now, with the support of Hromadske, that book is being published in Ukrainian. Tymothy Snyder sat down to talk about the book, Ukraine, and the struggle against authoritarianism.

Timothy Snyder

Levin Professor of History, Yale University