The Sunday Show on Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s Unification Council
16 December, 2018

This week, we’ll be discussing what happened at yesterday’s Unification Council, which saw representatives from all three Ukrainian Orthodox Churches come together to elect its new head. This was the next step towards the creation of a united and independent Ukrainian Orthodox, which has been generations in the making. The final step will take place on January 6, when the new head Metropolitan Epiphanius will travel to Istanbul to receive the Tomos from the Ecumenical Patriarch.

Ukrainians came by the bus-load from all over the country to Kyiv’s St. Sophia Cathedral, where the Council took place, to witness the historic event. Many of those in attendance were not even religious, but instead came out of a sense of patriotism. As President Poroshenko stated to the crowds on December 15, this was “the day of final independence, gaining our independence from Russia.”

To discuss the main outcomes from the Unification Council and what the creation of an united local Orthodox Church means for Ukraine, we are joined by investigative journalist and head of Slidstvo.Info and Professor Liudmyla Fylypovych, head of Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences’ Religious Studies Department.

Anna Babinets

Investigative journalist, Slidstvo.Info

Prof. Liudmyla Fylypovych

Head, Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences’ Religious Studies Department